Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Finally Feeling the Rewards

I had not blogged here for with Sam had felt so mundane recently I couldn't bring myself to write abt him after facing him day in day out day in day out day in day out!!!!

Just 3 nights ago I had felt depressed with having to do the same bedtime ritual - get him to keep his toys, sit on the toilet bowl, clean up after his poop, brush his teeth without playing with water, change into his pyjamas, read to him, lie in the dark next to him till he falls asleep - night after night after night with no way out and no life of my own!!

But tonight something happened to make me feel that all my sacrifices ARE going somewhere, as some of my colleagues sincerely reassure me: Sam sang to me a song that I've read/sang to him as part of the bedtime ritual! And he did it without any prompting, just out of the blue, when I was changing him into his pyjamas!

It was "5 Little Ducks", and though Sam's pronouciation is atrocious, the tune is off, he missed out whole sentences, and didn't even start with the correct number, I'm still very proud of him!!!!

I had not even realised Sam could now indicate numbers easily on his right hand!

Oh, I'm so glad that all these nightly efforts to read to him are paying off in some way, even if his recognition of the alphabet is still way off. At least he's remembering something!

This is probably the kind of bonding in Sam's early years that my colleagues had reassured me would last till least now I don't feel like I've been wasting my time & effort & sacrificing my nightlife for nothing!!!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas in Changi Airport T3

Since Sam's childcare centre was closed yesterday & today while the teachers prepare for the new school year, I decided to bring Sam to explore Changi's T3 today. Partly cos I've never been to the new terminal before & hubby wasn't keen to go. Partly also cos of the various X'mas stuff that's going on in T3, so this seems like a good time to go explore.

Sam was excited on the way to the airport. Asked me when the train stopped at every single MRT station if that was our stop! I'm surprised at my own good temper for not blowing up after the 45 min trip!

Once in the airport Sam went wild. After all, it's not often there's a non-crowded 'shopping centre' with such a large compound for him to run & push the pram around. Soon into T3 we found the bouncing castle, but Sam was only interested in the small playground next to it.

Had lunch in the 3Top area, where Sam interestedly watched the planes land & taxi along. After which he commented: "This place good for Sam." which I took it to mean he likes the airport. ;)

He was surprisingly well behaved (as in, only whined once) when I asked him to leave the toy shop, even if it was after his naptime. I wonder if it was because I had let him played to his heart's content earlier, or because I was the only one with him & thus he knew his tantrums won't help.

Only when we were leaving the airport did we manage to catch the Musical Ball in action. Sam loved the music coming from it - sat down at the steps & listened quietly while munching his biscuit (left pic). So when the performance was over he was calmly told me he wants to wait for the music to come again (right pic). Since the next performance would be half hour later & we were WAY past his nap time, I didn't agree.

But I managed to get 2 sweets from the treats that the Musical Ball sprewed out, & Sam was satisfied to move on to sit in the train. He fell asleep in the train as I expected, but woke after we got off, so tonight I'll have to put him to bed a trifle earlier.

All in all, an enjoyable trip to the airport for both of us!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sam Taking the Bus

Today got Sam to board the bus by himself, ie. he held my hand as we went up the bus, then paid for his own fare with his Child EZ-link card, and chose his own seat. He was excited by his new-found independence, I was relieved not having to carry him + 3 bags up a bus, and even got to shop for his Thomas card holder! ;)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Dressing Up & Funny Faces

Another overdued post: Sam during a family dinner on 11 Oct 2009, got it into his head to wear my shawl & necklace, then began posing for my camera with plenty of funny faces!

Sam's Cauliflower

Yes, haven't felt like being a good mummy for a long, long while.

Here's a back-dated posting I told myself I mustn't forget:

An enrichment school at Safra Jurong has this poster, which one day - 6 Nov 09 according to my photo - Sam pointed to and told me seriously: "cauliflower"

I can only say that I was doubly glad my Sam had finally showed some kind of imagination that did NOT involve cars!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sam as Hairy Potter

Obviously with my long absence from this blog I haven't been in a mothering mood. But this is too funny, a must-share - a Harry Potter spoof made on 9 Oct 2009 as part of Funky Friday's activities, starring my very own Sam as male 'lead':

Kudos to Teacher Drizzle for coming up with the movie, after the children decided Sam looked like Harry Potter with his toy spectacles.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My 1st Evening Out

This evening was the 1st time in 3 years I got to spend the evening out, without Sam. In order to make it for my company's Social Nite - Tiger Brewery tour, followed by food & free-flow beer - hubby had agreed to try to make it back home earlier. In-laws also agreed to help fetch Sam from school & feed him dinner. I had planned to be back home by 8:30pm latest, so that I could put Sam to bed for the night. So everything seems well planned & easy, right???

I didn't realise I had been unconsciously stressed out. Last night, I actually had a nightmare: dreamt that Sam caught stomach flu right arm was holding Sam over the bathroom basin, where he was vomitting into, my left cradling the phone, informing the office I couldn't make it for the brewery tour after all.

Isn't it pathetic that I can't even go out to enjoy myself in peace?????? The nightmare had left a bad taste in my mouth: I spent my day checking my hp in case the school called to ask me to bring Sam home for whatever kind of emergency my imagination could come up with.

Still, I'm so glad I did manage to go. It was irritating to have to wolf down 10 finger food sized sandwiches & down half a mug of beer in 20 min, so that I could go off without a hungry stomach, but it was nice to be able to go for the tour & enjoy the company of fellow colleagues. They're such a fun bunch. I can't wait for the Malacca holiday.........assuming Sam would stay healthy, of course!